Win a Stock Picking Contest

  • Construct a portfolio from an available pool of securities to maximize the chances of winning a stock-picking contest.
  • What if:
    • You can see your competitor’s portfolio (but they can’t see yours)?
    • There is trading during the duration of the contest?
    • Trading has transaction costs?
    • Your competitors can see your portfolio and trades? Is there a dominant strategy? If so, what is it?

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  • Paraphrased Deleted Tweet

    Stock-picking contest with no options. I could see competitor’s picks. Most competitors picked FAANG stocks. I picked FNGU, a 3x leveraged FAANG ETN. If FAANG stocks go up, then I win. If it doesn’t, I lose, but it’s fake money.

Generate a String Which Matches a Regex

  • Given a regex, can you:
    • Return a string which matches?
    • Return a string which matches, uniformly selecting from all possible strings? Some regexes match infinite strings, what constraints need to be added to make this practical?

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Toronto anthem of 1886?

Email to GH Action

  • When an email is recived by a specified address, it should trigger a workflow_dispatch event and its contents should be passed to the Github Action
  • Would be have useful to me in automating my Too Good to Go Log

Thin RSS Wrapper for Podcasts

  • I am basically looking for something like PodLink — Cortex but it seems to be owned by Podsights, which Spotify bought in Feb. 2022
  • I’d really like an open source version and I’m not sure Spotify with maintain this forever