Projects Description
This Website! My personal website built using Jekyll and deployed using CloudPages
Bits, Bips and Bricks Collection of essays about tech, finance and real estate and the intersection of the three
Ram's Real Estate Site A place to catalogue my real estate interests. Built using Pandoc and deployed using CloudPages
The GoldenHack Cofounded a hackathon focusing on the intersection between business and technology
TLD WHOIS Server List of whois servers for all TLDs available in csv, markdown and xlsx
Lobbying in Toronto A work-in-progress project to make it easier to analyze data from the Toronto Lobbyist Registrar
FIPS Census County and County Equivalent Entities A consolidated list of 2010 and 2020 FIPS Census codes for US counties and county equivalents
Tax Strategy Statement A collection of tax strategy statements which are required to published by large businesses in the UK
Modern Slavery Statements Some sample modern slavery statements and a short example of their use in the UK and Australia
SavePageNow API A Python wrapper for’s SavePageNow API
Version Check Pre-commit Hooks Pre-commit hooks to check that Python versions in configurations are consistent
Tweet Archive Converter Convert tweet.js file from Twitter data archive into a CSV file