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Photo by Francesca Saraco from Unsplash

I just started using Felt. The best way to describe it is it feels like magic. I have been thinking about side projects involving creating maps or using geospatial data for a while, but I’ve procrastinated on learning Mapbox or QGIS. And I’ve spent way too much time trying to install SpatiaLite on a Windows Laptop.

No coding involved. I just dragged the two Shapefiles (Property Boundaries and Address Points (Municipal) - Toronto One Address Repository) from the Toronto Open Data Portal on, and the map appeared. I then added the Felt’s preexisting building footprint layer. It was then easy to quickly add colouring by category. And even better (unlike some other tools), there is a working search bar so that you can look up parcels at an address.

In general, I like open tools so that I can have more control over the output and be confident that the publisher won’t stop supporting the tool in a couple of years. But I value velocity more than everything else. (If you’re reading this ten years from now, you’ll know how it worked out).

It didn’t take me that long to start seeing interesting things near the water, on Algonquin Island, near my home, etc. However, I need to work on my styling.