Toronto Buildings In Fog

Photo by Patrick Tomasso from Unsplash

Editor’s Note: This was written in early November and my views have changed a bit, but I’ve decided to post this now for posterity

The last 12 weeks have been great. It helped me figure out what to do with my life:

I am a software engineer on sabbatical. I am working on applying technology to real estate in Toronto.

But my sabbatical is constrained by money and and thus constrained by time. It’s now time for focus.

Projects which will be focusing on:

  1. Lobbying in Toronto
  2. TRREB MLS Search Engine
    • Build a Virtual Office Website for TRREB’s MLS to make it easier for Realtor and their clients to search for properties in Toronto
  3. Open Map of Toronto
  4. Bits, Bips and Bricks
    • Write more regularly and about more topics
    • The vibe that I am going for:

I will also work on side projects, especially if they align with my goal of applying technology to real estate but it is now time to impose a discipline on myself.